About Headpins and Eyepins

Headpins and eyepins as well as jump rings are the foundations for most jewellery making projects, we stock a wide range of various styles, colours and lengths ranging from 25mm to 75mm for every jewellery making project imaginable.

We stock a wide range of books containing projects using standard loops, wrapped loops or the more adventurous double wrapped loop to build your confidence with headpins and eyepins.

Headpins and Ballpins

Head pins and ballpins do the same job, just with a slightly different finish. Headpins have flat bottoms that are disguised by the beads you thread on, whilst the ballpin has a ball on the end, perfect for creating a little feature. Both headpins and eyepins are perfect for creating pendants, charms, earrings.


Eyepins have a readymade loop on one end, they come in super handy for linking beads to other beads without the aid of chain or any other stringing materials.