Glass Pearl Beads

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Glass Pearl Beads

The glass pearl bead collection provides a haven for budding jewellery creators with a flood of colours available. Each bead has a 1mm threading hole providing a huge range of stringing options.

Similar in look to Swarovski beads, glass pearl beads are lower in price but many of the Swarovski designs and styles can still be achieved. They have a solid weight adding to the quality and feel and are coated in lacquer for a smooth and polished finish.

The Bead Shop’s glass beads can be purchased in both 20cm and 40cm strings, allowing for 36 or 117 beads per string, respectively. Choose from beads sized between 4mm up to 12mm.

Glass Pearl Bead Range

Below are some colours we stock in the glass pearl bead range. Have a look through The Bead Shop’s full collection to make sure you get the exact colour and size you want:

  • The glass pearl blue beads we have contain Dark Heather, Bright Turquoise and Capri Blue colours. Choose from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes within these ranges.
  • Cream or white pearl beads can be both classic and contemporary depending on how you marry them into your particular design. They can be purchased as a single 20cm or 40cm string or within a pack of 10. Size options vary from 4mm to 12mm.
  • For pinky hues, have a look through the Light Mink, Fuschia and Amethyst glass pearl beads which can be bought in 20cm or 40cm string lengths.
  • Round Glass pearl beads can also be purchased in greens, corals and purples. Topaz, light silver, light green and dark browns are slightly more unusual colours within the collection. They look striking alongside each other or when blended in with more traditional coloured beads.

Glass Bead Jewellery Designs

When it comes to making your glass bead jewellery design, there are a few jewellery making tools that can help you get more enjoyment out of the job. Our range includes stringing materials like Stretch Magic which is a fun and simple stringing material that helps you design beautiful glass pearl bead bracelets or necklaces, whether you are an experienced beader or a newcomer.

Griffin Silk Cord is made from 100% natural silk and is an ideal way of stringing and knotting your pearls together and we have a wide choice of colours within our range. Have a look at our blog post on How To Knot Your Pearl Jewellery if you would like to know more about this clever and useful way of beading your glass pearls.