Beautifully Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas!

Okay, so we know we still have a fair way to go before Christmas gets here, but we’ve always been taught that it’s always better being prepared in well in advance, rather than rushing everything at the last minute. So, with that in mind, we’re setting you up with everything you need to know about making your own beaded christmas ornaments! These look just as fabulous dotted around your house as they do hanging off your Christmas tree. What’s even better, is that you can have full control over the colour and design on your ornaments, as well as the beads you choose to make them. They look fab with Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystal Beads, or even with Seed Beads.

Handmade ornaments also make wonderful gifts for family and friends – what’s more is that you get a great opportunity to show off your beading skills! It’s also a great activity to do with the kids, to get them in the Christmas spirit.

Glass Beads | DIY Christmas Decorations


These snowflakes are probably one of the easiest decorations to make, which is perfect if you want to get your children involved.

You can make them using Beadsmith Snowflake Ornament Wire Forms, which are already in shape, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling around with tricky wires.

The only step after this is to thread on the beads of your choice to make a wintery snowflake effect. Mix and match your beads so you can have a number of different finishes. Some of the best beads to use are Swarovski Crystal Beads, Glass Beads, Swarovski Bicones or a mixture of seed beads. Thread your beads on to each of the spokes and then fold each end using a pair of flat nose pliers to stop the beads from falling off the end of your ornament. If you are more of an advanced bead maker, try winding Craft Wire threaded with beads in between each of the decorated spokes to create a symmetrical snowflake themed decoration.


Beaded Christmas Decorations


Another wonderfully easy decoration is a beaded christmas wreath. All you need to make one is; memory wire, a selection of beads of your choice (again, because they are Christmas decorations, glass beads, bicones or Swarovski crystal beads work best) and some organza ribbon to hang them.

Cut the memory wire so you have one full circle, then using a pair of round nose pliers, make a loop at the one end. Next, make a pattern of your choice using your beads. Try to mix colours and beads to create different effects. Once you have filled the circle, make another loop at the loose end and secure it to the other side, to keep your beads in place.

Next, thread your organza ribbon through the circle and make a bow, so that you can hang it from your tree!

If you want more of a challenge, try making one using Kumihimo braiding!

These decorations can be used year and after year, and also make great christmas treats for teachers, neighbours and even as stocking fillers!

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