Beautiful Vintage Style Jewellery You Can Make at Home.

Vintaj-Leaf-Charm-Swarovski-Pearl-Bracelet-Kit-If you love vintage jewellery just as much we do, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to find a one of a kind piece. Discovering jewellery making means that you can create something completely unique, without having to pay a fortune. If you are completely new to jewellery making, you dont need to worry when it comes to making vintage style pieces. There are some amazing, not to mention quirky pieces of jewellery that you can make that are really easy to master.

The growing trends towards vintage style jewellery means that there are more brands than ever offering specialist vintage style jewellery making supplies; including funding, charms, chains and beads. So now you can make amazing jewellery, without having to completely master the art of complex jewellery making. Vintage jewellery tends to look really dramatic when you cluster a number of different charms together. Some of the best mixes are keys with stars, clocks with cogs, birds with fairies, leaves with insects. To give your jewellery a feminine twist, you can experiment with incorporating Swarovski crystal beads.

Charm bracelets are really easy to make, so we highly recommend them for jewellery making beginners. It allows you to get really creative with your design, however very few materials are needed, with very little technical skill to get it right. We love the brass tones from Vintaj for our vintage style jewellery, as the warm tones compliment other colours beautifully. We love pairing it with pigmented stones, such as turquoise, but it works just as well with softer tones, like our rose quartz beads.

To make you very own vintage bracelet, you will need the following equipment, which is all available at The Bead Shop.

  • A range of charms and pendants
  • Brass Jump Rings
  • Brass cable chain
  • Brass Clasp Pliers

To make your bracelet, you will need to do the following:

1.Wrap your chain around your wrist so you know how long to make your bracelet. Cut your chain 2-3 links smaller than what you need so the two ends don’t touch – this will leave room for your clasp.

2. Using a pair of pliers open the jump ring attached you you clasp, attaching it to end of your chain. Secure it tightly shut on both ends and you will have the basis of your charm bracelet.

3. Taking one of your jump rings, add it to your first chosen charm and close it, don’t add it to your bracelet at this point. The charm needs enough room to dangle, so add another jump ring to the first, then using the pliers again, close it shut – onto your chain this time.

4. Spacing each charm equally apart, do this again and again until you have attached all of your charms, pendants or beads. Discover the full range of Vintaj jewellery making supplies here!

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