Simple 8 Kumihimo Braiding Technique

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Recently and we’ve been really busy trying out different beading and cord techniques with the new Kumihimo Round boards.  Here are some of the creations we came up with.

All the techniques that follow are based around the Simple 8 Warp Braid technique; the instructions for this are included with all of the round Kumihimo Braiding boards that we stock.

Kumihimo Technique

These fabulous little numbers have had all the girls swooning here at Bead shop HQ and none of us can quite believe how simple this kind of effect is to achieve.

Step 1

First set up you round Kumihimo Board with an 8 Warp Braid using Beadsmith Bead cord in whichever colour compliments the beads you have chosen best. 

Step 2

Now thread 25 4mm Swarovski Bicones onto each cord and roll up each length into a Bob-eez No Tangle Bobbin to stop the cords from tangling and the beads from dropping off.

Step 3

Now weight the centre knot down with something, I personally use my keys, but anything that has a bit of weight will do.  This just creates the tension in the braid and makes the weave flow nicely.

Step 4

Once your board is set up, start off by doing a few turns of the board, using the 8 warp technique (not adding any beads) until you have a braid about 1cm long, this will be used to attach your clasp when your braid is finished. 

Step 5

Next add one bead every time you pass a thread across the board, making sure that the bead you drop is caught under the thread that is running directly across it, like in the picture below.

Step 6

Continue this until all the beads have run out, and then carry on with just the thread, until you have approximately 1cm of braid without beads on.

Step 7

Now you can add a clasp using the same whipping and finishing technique that is explained in the instructions included with your Kumihimo Board.

Kumihimo bracelts

We have found that the 6.2mm Kumihimo Clasps work great with these bracelets, also you can use side opening calottes. We’ve found that if you carefully heat the Beadsmith Bead Cord with a lighter, then the ends will all melt together and you can clamp and glue a side opening calotte over this and add your desired clasp.

You can also use the same technique, with other types of beads, including size 6 seed beads and our Czech Faceted Class Range.

Kumihimo Bracelts

We also tried this technique with ribbon instead of Rattail Cord.  Look how fantastic the end result was with this.

Kumihimo bracelts

This beautiful spiral necklace was created using another technique we tried.  For this you will need to set up your round board using the 8 warp technique, however use bead cord for two warps on one side and use 1mm rattail for the other six, we then threaded beads on to the both of the Bead Cord wraps and added a bead each time one of the warps of bead cord was passed over, this creates the spiral effect around the rattail.

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