Tibetan Style Brass Spacers Multi-Strand Bracelet

Aim to make women’s bracelets at around 7” and 8” for men – these are recognised in the industry as being the most commonly bought sizes. 

A top tip is to assemble your end fastenings first (including any box crimps, calottes or bell closers that will sit at the end) – measure this section first, then work out how long them main body of the bracelet should be.

For example: if your end fastening components measure 2” – the body of the women’s bracelet should be around 5”. Make sure to allow a little extra if you are gluing threads like we have in this project and Measure twice, cut once!

Using bell closers with multi-stranded cords is a simple way to create texture and body to your bracelet designs. Fastening bracelets on your own is also a tricky task; incorporating a magnetic clasps fastenings is a safe choice for any jewellery makers.

To make this multi strand bracelet we assembled the magnetic clasp, 5mm jump rings and bell closers first.

This section measured 2” end to end, so we knew to cut the cords to 6.5” to fit a men’s wrist and allow a few millimetres each side for gluing into the bell closer.

We have decorated 16 strands of 1.5mm waxed polyester cord with Tibetan style brass spacers and porcelain large hole rondelles.

Each end is glued into the bell closer using Zap Gel Jewellery Super Glue.

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