Simple Bead Necklace Designs For Beginners

Making your own jewellery opens up a world of possibility, but it can also feel like a difficult hobby to get started with. The gap between expectation and reality can catch you off guard and make you feel disheartened with your first few projects. The best way to work around this is to start with easier projects that still look very impressive. You won’t need a lot of specialist equipment, so if you can get started quickly.

Easy pendant choker

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The 90s are enjoying a revival this year, and chokers are back in a big way. This is perhaps the easiest piece of jewellery, and it’s highly customisable. Simply use a piece of black leather cord or a thin piece of black velvet ribbon with a small pendant to add an interesting focal point. Popular choices include small antique charms and cameos, or semi-precious stones such as amethyst or obsidian for a goth-inspired look. This DIY choker tutorial from The Fashion Foot will help get you started with a few different styles.

Pearl cluster ribbon necklace

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If you have patience and enjoy a complicated challenge, this pearl cluster necklace from Smitten Kitten might be just right for you. Using clusters of pearl charms created using pin findings, the body of the necklace is a piece of ribbon. Use a pretty blush pink ribbon for a feminine necklace, or try a darker shade for a more edgy look. And because the necklace is tied with a bow, you don’t have to worry about using any clasps.

Woven seed bead necklace

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Strands of seed beads are all you need for this bright and energetic statement necklace from Brit & Co. Although it looks complicated, it’s a very simple weave, with very impressive results. This necklace uses turquoise and grey beads for a neutral necklace with a pop of colour, but you could try any combination you like. Try a blend of neon colours for a real statement, or go monochrome for a work-friendly necklace.

Three strand turquoise necklace

If you like the look of semi-precious stones such as turquoise, you’ll love this three-strand statement necklace from A Beautiful Mess. To keep the structure, the beads are strung on three lengths of wire and then attached to a chain. In terms of technical skills, this is still a fairly easy but impressive looking project.

What projects are you working on at the moment? Share your pictures in the comments section or over on Facebook so we can share your creations!

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