How to Make Dream Catcher Earrings

Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of the Native Americans. The Ojibwa and Lakota tribes believed that the dream catcher could trap bad dreams in its web, whilst positive dreams were let through the hole in the centre of the dream catcher and were thought to glide down the feathers to the person sleeping underneath it.

Original dream catchers were made of a willow hoop and a net. The round shape of the dream catcher represents the journey of the sun and the moon across the sky. Beads can be strung between the weaving and were thought to represent the four directions: north, south, east and west.

Not only are dream catchers still a popular piece of decoration in children’s bedrooms today, they’re also surprisingly easy to make. We’ll show you below how to make beaded dream catcher earrings. 

Dream Catcher Earrings


Materials needed:

– Metal hoops (or craft wire to create hoops)

Suede lacing (to wrap around the wire)

Waxed nylon string or yarn (10x the length of the hoop)

Seed beads

– Feathers

Earring wires

– Scissors


Fast-drying glue (to hold the beads in place and seal the knots)

– Large paperclips (optional)


Part 1 – The Rings:

  1. Wrap the suede lacing tightly around the metal hoops. To make the wrapping process easier for yourself, you can use paperclips on the starting end to hold the lace down.
  2. Seal the ends together with fast-drying glue. Hide the glued ends at the back of the ring, so you won’t see them when you’re facing your dream catcher.
  3. If you’re using yarn, thread it underneath one of the loops with a needle to hide the excess yarn.

Part 2 – The Webbing:

Making a Dream Catcher


  1. First, create a little loop from which you’ll hang your dream catcher on your earring later on. Choose the string you want to use and knot a loop at the end. Tie the string securely around your dream catcher by wrapping it around the ring a few times, make an extra knot and make sure the loop still sticks out on top.
  2. Start weaving the first row at the base of the hanging loop. Wrap the string around the ring by leaving a bit of space in-between and follow the pattern “under-over-under-over” 8 times until you reach the start. Make sure the thread between the loops isn’t too tight as it will be tightened further when you continue weaving.
  3. For the second and subsequent rows of the webbing, take the end of the string and place it around the centre of each stitch from the previous round (not around the ring). The longer you’ll weave, the more the webbing will bend towards forming a diamond shape.
  4. If you wish, add tiny beads on the third and fourth row by simply placing them on the string and continue weaving.
  5. When you reach the point where it becomes very difficult to continue weaving, stop and leave a hole in the centre.
  6. Finish off by stitching twice in the same place at the bottom of the hole in the centre, forming a double knot on the back of the dream catcher, and cut off the excess string.

Part 3 – Adding Beads and Feathers

  1. Start by deciding how long you want your feathers to hang and cut a piece of thread that is double the size.
  2. Take a bead and string it onto the thread leaving one inch on one side. I chose for seed beads with a slightly larger hole here, because the feather stalk still needs to fit through it.
  3. Put glue on the stalk of the feather and insert it through the bead on the side with the shorter end of string. If needed, cut off the extra inch of thread on the feather end.
  4. Thread your string through a needle and stitch it under the yarn on the ring. When the feather is hanging at your desired length, tie a double knot and cut the excess string.

Part 4 – Attach the Earring Wires

  1. Cut off 6 inches of thread, take a needle and pull it through the yarn on top of the ring.
  2. Attach the earring wire to the string and tie a double knot. If needed, use glue to secure.

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