How to Make Aztec Tribal Jewellery

How to Make a Aztec Style Necklace



Step 1

Cut the flat trace chain into two sections, thread onto a headpin, the 4mm Indian red Swarovski bicone, thread through the link on the chain. Leave a few links on the end; you will need this to attach the jump rings later.


Step 2

Place on the 4mm Indicolite ab Swarovski, the 6mm Czech glass and another 4mm Indicolite, then thread through the other length of chain, add on the 6/0 miyuki seed bead, and make a loop.


Step 3

Repeat this until you have reached your desired length, I have threaded the headpins through every third link.


Step 4

Wrap all your Czech dagger beads, and attach these with a 6mm jump ring to all the loops you made on the headpins.


Step 5

Make sure both ends of chain are the same length on either side; attach a 6mm jump ring to each end.

Step 6

If you want wrap your 10mm jump ring, I found that opening the jump ring made it easier, cut a long length of craft wire, find the centre and place in the centre of the jump ring, start wrapping. Once you have reached the end of one side, start to wrap the other.


Step 7

Now attach the 6mm jump rings to the wrapped jump ring, and the curb chain on with side, cut to size and attach the clasp and extension chain.


How to Make a Aztec Style Bracelet

For the clasp on the bracelet; with round nose pliers, make a loop on the end of the 1mm craft wire, hold the loop against the Sharpie marker and bend the wire over the marker away from the loop. With round nose pliers, make a small bend outward at the end of the wire.


Once you are happy, hammer the hook, and then wrap a small amount of 0.5mm wire around the bend, this will then attach to the jump ring.


How to Make a Aztec Style Earrings

Aztec Earrings

Step 1

Thread onto an eyepin the 6/0 Miyuki seed bead, the  Indian red 4mm Swarovski , make a loop, repeat this 10 times.


Step 2

Attach them all to the loops on the earring connector with the 6mm jump rings.

Step 3

Wrap all your Czech dagger beads, and attach these to the bottom of the eyepins with jump rings.


Step 4

Now attach the ear wires.


How to Make a Aztec Style Ring

Aztec Ring

Step 1

Using two 4mm Indicolite and two 4mm Indian Red Swarovski bicones, make wrapped loops on both of these on headpins.

Step 2

Wrap 6 of the Czech Glass dagger beads, attach them all with jump rings to each of the loops on the ring.


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