How To Use Super Duo Beads for Bracelets

The arrival of our new Super Duo beads

we have been on the hunt for exciting ways to use them. Super Duo beads are big business in America and the UK has a lot of catching up to do, but lucky for us, there are now hundreds of beginner’s projects to be found online; leaving no excuse for you not to have a go.

Super Duo beads are big business in America

The majority of Super Duo beads projects will require a beading needle and Fireline so make sure to purchase these before you start.  Super Duo beads currently only exist in one size, so one pack of needles (10’s) and one thickness of thread (size 0.2mm (.008in) will be suitable for most projects.

For this particular project we have used three shades of Super Duo with a width of 6 beads, but if you prefer a thinner bracelet simply reduce the amount of beads and limit the palette to two shades.

It is worth considering which shades will match your Fireline thread; for lighter colours we recommend working with Crystal Clear Fireline and for darker colours try Smoke Grey

There are so many different colours of super duo beads to use the combinations are endless

There are so many different colours of super duo beads to use the combinations are endless, enabling you to create beautiful results every time and because the beads come in a variety of different finishes mixing them together can produce stunning effects .

When working with Super Duo beads, you will find that some of the holes are slightly closed. This is due to dust collecting in them during the drilling process. Use a Beading Awl to unblock the holes, the needle sharp end removes blockages with ease where as other implements such as headpins, needles or Bead Reamers can crack the bead.

The oval shape of Super Duo’s creates a beautiful snake chain effect that cannot be replicated with other beads. This unique take on bead weaving makes the Super Duo bead a perfect choice when producing chunky cuffs, collar style necklaces and beaded watch straps.

Super Duo Beaded Bracelet Instructions

Step 1

Use about 2m of Fireline and a size 10/11 beading needle, thread on a seed bead thread back through this bead close to the end  of the fireline use this a stopper bead, then thread on super duo beads, two seed beads, repeat until you have 6 super duo beads.

step 1

Step 2

Thread on a new colour of super duo beads, and back through the bottom hole of the 6th super duo bead, thread on another super duo and continue to weave in this way.

2 a2b

Step 3

Once you have reached the last super duo bead on the other side, thread back through this same super duo on the bottom hole place on the third colour of superduo, , then repeat the weave to the other side.3

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have reached your desired length,( remember you have the toggle so allow a few cm’s for this, you don’t want to make it too big.) On the last row, you will need to do the same as you did in step 1, thread two seed beads in between each super duo bead.


Step 5

For the toggle thread on around 7 or 8 seed beads, thread on one part of the toggle, then another lot of seed beads.


Step 6

Continue the same way and thread back through the last lot of super duo beads and seed beads, and back around again, just to secure and make the end strong, make a knot to finish, cut of excess thread.6

Repeat on the other side you will have to create a small knot to start off

How To Use Super Duo Beads for Bracelets

Emily Kersh In House Designer

Emily Kersh
In House Designer

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