Faceted Glass Rondelle Beaded Jewellery Ideas

Faceted Glass Rhondell Jewellery Ideas

When the brand new range of 8x10mm Faceted Glass Rhondells arrived with us, I was so inspired by the colours and the way they sparkled, that I just had to use them in a new beaded jewellery project.

create both delicately timeless and boldly eye-catching pieces

I wanted to design some simple pieces that were quick to make, but also showed the versatility of these beads and how the different shades could be used to create both delicately timeless and boldly eye-catching pieces.

The first jewellery set

I decided to design something that would add a bit of pizazz to an everyday look.

  • I used one shade of the Faceted Glass Rhondells (Crystal AB) and I teamed these with some Round Glass Pearls in White.
  • I also added some Diamanté Rhondells to give it a luxurious feel.
  • I used 0.6mm craft wire to make five sections of beads, making a wrapped loop on each end and joined these together with 5mm Jump Rings.
  • Then I simply added a clasp and extension chain.

For the matching earrings I used the same beads and made two sections for each earring using a head pin for the lower section and an eyepin for the upper section. I then joined these together and attached an earwire

For the second jewellery set

I wanted to create a gloriously glamorous piece that evoked images of mystical seas; with this in mind:

  • I decided to use the dark teal and hematite Faceted Glass Rhondells as their sea green and bluey tones looked great together.
  • I used the Diamanté Rhondells in between each of these beads
  • I chose to add an anchor charm to the bracelet with a 6mm round glass pearl on either side of it.

This helped create a central point on the bracelet, but also added a contrast.  This bracelet is elasticated so I simply tied and glued a knot in place to secure it.

  • I didn’t want the earrings to match entirely, so I decided to use the Anchor Charm on one and the Ships Wheel Charm on the other.

This worked well as it added a quirky edge to the overall set, but the theme was still carried through.

  • I then added some of the same to an eyepin and attached the sections together and then to an earwire.

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