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How to attach box clasps

Box clasps can substantially enhance the aesthetic appeal of an item of jewellery, particularly a necklace or bracelet. Fortunately, as described below, the technique used to attach box clasps is not especially difficult to master. A pair of flat nose pliers will be required for this job. Begin by folding the end, you can double fold to give it a bigger body. Place the fold into the box clap the close each side with the flat nose pliers. Then trim any loose strands which stick out.  


How To Make… Wrapped loop

A wrapped loop can be used in various different ways by jewellery makers – it can also be achieved using a number of different techniques. Arguably one of the easiest and neatest techniques has been outlined below. One pair of flat nose pliers is required.    


How to use crimps when making jewellery

One of the most fundamental skills that must be acquired by a jewellery maker is that of crimping. Although there are many different types of crimp, most can be described as either a round crimp or a tube crimp. With a pair of flat nose pliers at the ready, follow the steps below to learn this essential jewellery-making technique.  

Where to start if you want to make your own jewellery

The first thing is getting hold of the right equipment. Depending on what jewellery you want to make, this may not be much at all. The basics are probably just round nosed pliers, wire cutters and flat nosed pliers. You can make an awful lot of projects with just these (and the items that your jewellery will be made of).

Jewellery kits – a perfect starter for jewellery making

Jewellery kits are great if you don’t have much time, or if you know someone who likes the jewellery you make, but doesn’t know where to start. They’re also brilliant for any off days you might have – where your imagination just isn’t quite up to scratch and you can’t think of something to make.

How to make simple glass bead earrings

A pair of home made beaded earrings will look elegant, simple and unique. Wear them yourself or give them as a gift in a small gift box. They will look wonderful with any outfit as they are fully customisable. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a pair made in less than 10 minutes.