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Butterfly Swarovski Flat Backs

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Butterfly Beads and Charms

Butterflies have been a popular motif in the arts and societies for thousands of years, with artistic depictions being used in many cultures during this time; there's evidence of Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting these beautiful creatures over 3,500 years ago! Ancient civilisations carved it into temples and buildings and created jewellery with this feminine ornamentation, and most interestingly into incense burners as a symbol of air. The butterfly has many associations; Japanese culture sees the butterfly as the personification of the soul, Native Americans associate the butterfly with wish making and many people believe that a butterfly landing on them is a sign of good things to come. The most common associations see the butterfly as being emblematic of transformation and rebirth; the metamorphosis of larvae to cocoon to fully grown butterfly. The butterfly is playful and beautiful and the inspiration behind the 'fairy butterfly'. You can echo Art Nouveau elegance with Vintaj butterflies for a vintage inspired piece of jewellery, draw inspiration from Victoriana with highly detailed butterfly cameos, or add a delicate sparkle to your designs with Swarovski Butterfly Elements. From Semi-Precious Butterfly Beads to metal charms and glass beads, we've got a gorgeous butterfly fit for any project!

Using Butterfly Beads and Charms

Butterfly beads look incredible in delicate, feminine designs, and work fabulously in spring and summer inspired pieces in light, bright colours; they also make a stunning addition to wedding jewellery; incorporate Swarovski Butterfly Beads into a wedding Tiara or for a vintage twist, use Vintaj Butterfly charms in your fascinator or necklace. Whether you create a piece using butterfly beads alone, or use them as the focal point for your designs, butterflies make a really gorgeous addition.