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Shamballa/Chinese Knotting Nylon Cord

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Chinese Knotting Cord

Chinese knotting cord has been around for well over 1000 years and originates from Chinese folk art as a form of decorative handicraft. Chinese knotting suffered a minor dip in popularity in the mid 20th century but thanks to Lydia Chen in the late 1970s it was given a new lease of life after she had several books published on the ancient art form; it has only grown in popularity since. Chinese knotting cord is used for all types of projects from macramé and traditional Chinese knots to creating the more modern ‘shamballa’ bracelets. Chinese knotting cord is made up of braided nylon and creates very even and clean knots, it is easy sealable by open flame or add a dab of glue. We stock both 0.6mm and 1.5mm in a huge range of colours including red the Chinese colour of ‘good fortune’ and ‘joy’. Why not try out our new foam [Beadsmith macramé boards] to save you from struggling and feeling like you need an extra pair of hands?


The first records of macramé date back as early as the 13th century it was later adopted by sailors as a popular past time, but became unfashionable towards the end of the Victorian era. A short revival of macramé came in the 1960s but after an overhaul macramé is now back and it’s gone has gone micro. Macramé consists of a mixture of traditional sailors knots and decorative Chinese knots, combined with beads and using Chinese knotting cord as well as Superlon, Rattail cord or leather it creates beautiful intricate looking Jewellery that’s both stylish and modern.

Macramé boards

we stock 3 styles of macramé board perfect for any macramé project. Macramé boards are the ideal way to keep your thread in place because they have specially designed notches around the each edge to slot your cord without it getting tangled, the foam will not snag your stringing material or damage your surfaces, and the foam boards are also super lightweight. We also stock the travel size macramé board. The marked grid on both boards ensures that your finished work is even and professional looking. It also comes with 5 T-pins for securing your project while you work.