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Rattail Cord

Rattail Cord

Rattail cord is a shiny stringing material made from satin embroidery. It is used frequently in many different types of craft and jewellery making projects.

Our collection of rattail cord at the Bead Shop is wide and varied and offers jewellery makers various different thickness sizes and colours. Not just something to hang your beads on, rattail cord also provides an additional visual effect to jewellery; in either a subtle or more striking sense, depending on your design.

One of the advantages of working with rattail cord as your chosen stringing material is that you can simply tie together the ends to keep your beads together. As with all stringing materials, it’s worth checking that the rattail you have chosen fits through the hole in your selected beads before you begin your project.

Types Of Rattail Cord

At The Bead Shop we have four key types of rattail cord, each having a further set of colours and shades available within it.

  • Beadsmith 1mm rattail cord is available in lengths of 5m and colours include camel, peach, teal and antique gold.
  • If you are looking for vibrancy and effervescence, you won’t be disappointed with the Bead Shop’s Dazzle it! 1.5mm rattail cord collection. Have a look at our Rainbow, Yellow, Cardinal Purple and Kelly Green options.
  • The Dazzle it! 2mm rattail cord collection includes some more neutral and traditional colours like light chocolate, light bronze, silver and navy.
  • Our 2mm Rattail cord comes in 92 m lengths and is available in vibrant orange, red, purple and blue colours as well as paler baby pink, white, silver and champagne.

Jewellery Making Ideas And Accessories

Rattail cord looks fabulous when used within a Shamballa bracelet, macramé knot work or loom work project. Another popular function for rattail is to use it with chunky beads for earthy designs like friendship bracelets or as string through a pendant or large holed beads.

Mixing different colours of rattail cord together allows you to further custom-make your design to fit in with a theme or to contrast or match with an outfit. For a difference in texture and to make your stringing material a feature of your design, you can also use alongside Chinese knotting cord.