The versatility of the tassel is what makes it so great. Wearing them large or small, they are a playful accompaniment to shoes, bags, clothing and jewellery. 

The beloved tassel has remained a fashion favourite all through history but its appearance has shifted throughout time. During the Renaissance, we favoured a small unassuming design whereas the Victorians wanted large elaborate tassels baring beads and other adornments. In the Middle East, they are worn as Talismans and Arab countries believe they can ward off demons. The tassel conjures such an abundance of imagery; there are so many style avenues to explore.

In jewellery making terms, there are many different ways to create a tasselled effect; none of which require any special skills. Try glueing them into bell closers for a neat classic look, or passing a jump ring through the top to attach them straight onto the chain, earrings, long necklaces or bracelets

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