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Jewellery making pliers are key pieces of equipment to have when you start creating your own jewellery. There are so many types of pliers that will help you to complete a different task when you create your designs. There are 3 main pliers from this range that you will need which are round nosed, flat or chain nosed and wire cutters, however there are many more than these three that will come in handy when designing jewellery. A round nosed pair of pliers are great for creating loops in your wire, especially when using a material such as Beadalon and you want to create loops at the end to finish of your bracelet, necklace etc. The end of these pliers taper towards to end point meaning you have a precise tool to create the loop size that you want. Chain nose and flat nose both feature a flat edge, the chain has one round edge with the other side being flat and flat nosed pliers have both edges flat and are the best if you want maximum grip on your wire. A wire cutter of course cuts the wire, these are necessary for precisely cutting a certain amount from your spool. Within the jewellery making pliers range you will also find crimping pliers which are the perfect bit of equipment for use alongside crimp beads. When you need to close crimp beads shut, these pliers are designed to flatten them with ease. These are just a few that we offer in our fantastic range today at The Bead Shop. After finding the perfect jewellery making pliers to add to your collection, make sure to view our range of glass heart beads. These are just one design from the full collection of glass beads we offer, and will allow you to create lovely pieces of jewellery.