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Glues, adhesives and glazes are essential for many jewellery making projects you’ll come across on your journey. We have a wide range of high quality adhesives for numerous tasks all at affordable prices.

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Choosing the right Jewellery Glue

Glues, adhesives and glazes are essential for many jewellery making projects you’ll come across on your journey. We have a wide range of high quality glues and adhesives for numerous tasks, all at affordable prices. We have glue ranging from general multipurpose glue for attaching resin flowers to ring bases and sealing the ends of cord, to specialist fabric glues and glazes.

Multipurpose Jewellery Glue

  • E6000 Glue - an incredibly versatile silicone-based industrial strength one-part epoxy adhesive. It can be used to glue wood, metal, glass fibreglass, ceramics, mosaics as well as, leather, rubber, vinyl, most plastics, masonry and concrete to each other.
  • 5 Minute Epoxy Glue - a super-strong, quick-drying two-part resin glue perfect for a huge range of jewellery making projects such as adhering a range of materials like metal, wood, concrete, china & ceramics and glass onto ring bases. It’s Water resistant, dries clear and comes in a syringe for easy squeezing.
  • GS Hypo Cement - Hypo Cement is ideal for bonding all plastic, beads, ceramics, glass and more. It dries clear and sets in 10 minutes, and a super fine nozzle for a precise and professional application so is perfect for working on a smaller scale.
  • Zap Gel Jewellery Super Glue - A non-drip jewellery gel, it’s the strongest cyanoacrylate glue available. Zap can be used on; metal, leather, porcelain, wood, plastic and rubber. It has a tapered nozzle to help with an accurate application. Ideal for bonding the ends onto a kumihimo braid, because it’s a gel it doesn’t soak into the cord, it just fills the gaps in between the cord and the fastening to create a super secure bond, the gel base also prevents bleeding.
  • Beacons Dazzle Tac Jewellery Glue - Great for bonding base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, ceramics, most plastics, beads, wire, bone, horn, mirrors and more. It dries with clear with a glass like finish, and goes tacky quite quickly which makes it easy to work with.
  • Crafters Pick - The Ultimate! Non Toxic Super Glue - For plastics, metals, ceramics, vinyl glass, painted and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather, paper and more. It has a similar consistency to PVA glue, and dries fast and clear.

Fabric Glue

  • Crafters Pick - Jewel Bond / Fabric Glue – These are great adhesives for bonding decorative embellishments such as gems, rhinestones, sequins and glitter. Permanent, washable and flexible, they both bonds to fabrics and dry perfectly clear.
  • GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue - Includes a precision applicator to allow for precise amounts of cement to be applied to intricate parts for neat and precise work. GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue is ideal for all fabric, textiles, suede, yarn, paper and other porous surfaces.


  • 3D Lacquer - can be layered to give a great raised effect; simply wait for one layer to dry before applying your next coat, it dries clear to give a glass-like finish, and bubbles less than similar adhesives.
  • Diamond Glaze is a glue and a glaze all rolled into one. Perfect for sealing pictures to bezels with a raised glass- like finish, or mix with water for a thin lacquer finish, as well as using it in its original state you can also mix it with inks, dyes, pearlescent pigments and watercolours for something a little out of the ordinary. Perfect for adhering glitter glass and plastic.