Snowflake Ornament Wire Forms

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    Snowflake Ornament Wire Forms

    About Snowflake Ornament Wire Forms

    Snowflakes are the perfect Christmas decoration either hung delicately from the tree or cascading from the window for all to see. At The Bead Shop we stock snowflake wire forms in a choice of 3 different sizes 3.75”, 4.5” and 6” all made from wire measuring 0.7 mm in diameter.

    Our snowflake wire forms are the ideal project for beginners and children with an interest in beading as well as more advanced beaders. All you need to do to achieve an effective snowflake like finish is simply thread a variety of beads onto each spoke and fold each end using a pair of flat nose pliers to stop the beads falling off, or alternatively, for a more complex design, wind Craft Wire with beads on in between each beaded spoke to create a symmetrical intricate Christmas decoration. A combination of 4mm and 6mm Swarovski Bicones in Crystal, Sapphire 2x and Light Azore make the most beautiful ice like look for a more traditional snowflake finish. Incorporate Swarovski pearls for a mixture of textures or try creating one to go with your Christmas colour scheme.

    If you want to hang your snowflakes from your Christmas tree using nylon or cord, instead of folding one of the ends over make a simple loop instead using a pair of round nose pliers. Why not adorn your Christmas tree in a mixture of all three sizes to create a beautiful snow storm.

    Things You Will Need To Create Your Very Own Snowflake

    • Snowflake Wire Forms – The base of your snowflakes.
    • A mixture of Beads - You don’t have to stick to festive colours, play around and see which combination works for you.
    • Seed Beads – Perfect for threading onto your craft wire for the in between bits.
    • Craft Wire – To create the in between bits.
    • Flat Nose Pliers – Use to bend your wire at the end.
    • Round Nose Pliers - For creating a loop to attach your nylon.

    Check out our Snowflake Kits with Swarovski Crystals for inspiration!