Chain Maille Jump Rings

About Chain Maille Jump Rings

Chain maille or Chain mail once reserved exclusively for the protection of medieval soldiers on the battlefield, since then it has been reinvented and the long standing tradition of chain maille is now used to in a wide range of crafts including jewellery making. We stock a wide range of rings, tools, clasps and instruction books to help you on your way to becoming a chain maille extraordinaire. Whether you are creating necklaces, bracelets or even earring Chain maille can look both beautiful and highly effective there are a huge amount of patterns and weaves to master from basic chain maille patterns to a whole host of much more advanced ones.

  • Chain Maille Rings - Artistic Wire Chain maille rings are different to other jump rings in the fact that they are cut with absolute precision and system matched for consistency in both colour and size to ensure a perfectly accurate pattern or weave, they also have a non- tarnish coating so that the colour stands the test of time when in regular close contact to the skin. We stock a wide variety of sizes of 18 gauge (1mm) and 20 gauge (0.8mm) artistic wire chain mail rings in both gold and silver plated.
  • Chain Maille Tools - Pliers are a definite must for any chain maille project, as the continuous opening and closing can of the rings can take its toll on delicate little digits. One pair of chain nose or bent nose (with or without a nylon coating) and a pair of flat nose pliers (with or without a nylon coating) is absolutely ideal. You can use these tools for practically all jewellery making so they are well worth the purchase.
  • Chain Maille Books - We stock 2 chain maille instruction books both by Lauren Anderson known as The Chain Maille Lady, the first demonstrates and teaches you all the basic skills you will need to create your own chain maille jewellery as well as easy projects for you to try out before moving onto the advanced chain maille book for some more challenging patterns such as the Half Parisian 3 in 1 and the Dragonscale. And at only £2.95 each these books are an utter bargain.
  • Chain Maille Clasps - every piece of jewellery needs a clasp and the ideal clasp for chain maille jewellery more often than not is some kind of multi stranded clasp due to the width of many patterns, we have a large selection of multi stranded clasps ranging from 2 strand for delicate weaves to 4 strand for the more chunky patterns.