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Jewellery Clasps

About Jewellery Clasps

Jewellery clasps are one of the most important elements in jewellery making whether it’s a simple lobster clasp or a statement push button clasp they all do the same impotant job in making your lovingly handcrafted piece of jewellery wearable. At The Bead Shop we stock an extensive range of styles, colours, sizes and qualities of jewellery clasps including Swaorvski clasps perfect for wedding or special occasion pieces. The wonderful thing about Jewellery Clasps is that you can use them simply as a fastener or you can use them as more of a focal point if you would prefer.

Styles of Jewellery Clasp

  • Lobster Clasps, Bolt Clasps & Large Oval Clasps – A perfect default fastening, they are inexpensive, tidy and do exactly what they are made for, they are not a fussy clasp, so, suit all types of jewellery. Our lobster clasps range from 10mm to 27mm so they are suitable for the daintiest of bracelets to the chunkiest of necklaces.
  • Toggle Clasps - We have a huge amount of colours, shapes and sizes of toggle clasps, ranging from simple plain round ones for the understated elegant look to fancy heart, flower and vine leaf ones for a bold and beautiful edge. Toggle clasps great if you want to create a focal point using your fastener.
  • Kumihimo Clasps – Although they are primarily designed to be used alongside the kumihimo braid, they can also be used with leather, cord, micro fibre faux suede and basically anything that can be adhered. They offer a super professional finish due to the hidden cord ends and come in 2 different sizes and 6 various sizes including antique silver and antique brass if you are looking for that vintage edge.
  • Magnetic Clasps – Magnetic clasps are a hugely popular amongst our customers who struggle with more fiddly clasps like lobster clasps. The plated metal shell cleverly encloses the magnet which, when both sides are held close together the clasp snaps shut, just like a normal magnet. Even though the magnets are small in size, they are super strong especially the 12mm magnetic clasp which would be ideal for chunkier pieces.
  • Multi Strand Clasps – They are designed specifically for jewellery with more than one strand, they come in useful to space out each strand neatly and make sure the necklace or bracelet sits perfectly. Each multi stranded clasp is designed to slide and lock inside of each other for a safe and secure finish. We stock multi stranded clasps to accommodate 2 to 4 strands and are available in gold black and silver plated.
  • Elegant Element Clasps – A unique and beautiful range of jewellery clasps created in Germany with precision and care. We stock fabulous variety to choose from ranging from the modern through to the classic, these clasps have been created to add that extra special element to your hand crafted jewellery, Many of the clasps incorporate Swarovski elements and all of the claps are electroplated in Rhodium. They are the ideal fastener for a piece of jewellery that you intend to keep forever.