925 Sterling Silver Coated Copper Craft Wire

925 Sterling Silver coated copper wire can be moulded, wrapped, soldered and oxidised as you normally would with Sterling Silver. It is great for adding a touch of luxury to your usual craft wire projects and for designs that you want to last. This wire has all the benefits of 925 Sterling Silver with a great price tag!

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925 Sterling Silver Coated Copper Wire is a great alternative to silver plated craft wire, giving you all the benefits of Sterling Silver with the added stability of the copper core. The core is mechanically bonded with a thick layer of 925 Sterling Silver so you can bend, mould, solder and oxidise as you would any Sterling Silver piece: Great for making your own jewellery findings and custom jewellery pieces with ease.

All the Sterling Silver Coated Copper Wire here at The Bead Shop Manchester is 1/10 silver. This means that the 925 Sterling Silver coating makes up 10% of the wire which is one of the toughest coatings available and much more durable than the standard silver plating. With a plating this thick you can guarantee that tool marks and manipulation will not break the beautiful sterling silver and your designs will have the quality and professional finish to make your pieces really stand out.

The Sterling Silver coating of the wire means that your pieces will not tarnish beyond repair. Unlike some silver plated wires, Sterling Silver Coated Copper Wire can be polished back to its wonderful shine so all your hard work will be kept as beautiful as the day that you made it!

Try our 925 Sterling Silver Coated Copper Wire in place of your usual Silver Plated wire and you are sure to be pleased with the finish and strength this beautiful wire can offer!