About Shamballa Beads

Shamballa beads have exploded into mainstream jewellery fashion after the celebrity circle showed its love for these bold and sparkly beads.

If what you see on the high street is not precisely what you had in mind and you want something more bespoke, then making your own Shamballa bracelet is the perfect way of achieving that specific design.

What Are Shamballa Beads?

Shamballa beads can be made up of any material including wood, crystals, real diamonds and clay. Our collection at The Bead Shop is made from a resin base covered in foil backed crystal rhinestones which creates a burst of colour and shine.

The style of Shamballa bracelets originates from Catholic Rosary Beads which were used for meditation. Shamballa beads are steeped in an interesting history which brings meaning to the different colours available. Each colour has a different significance and it is often on this basis that jewellery makers select their colours.

Putting Your Shamballa Beads Together

Shamballa bracelets are not difficult to work with even if you are a jewellery making beginner. You don’t have to be making a Shamballa bracelet to use the beads, they also work well in many other craft creations if you want to add a glittery and bright feel.

If you have learnt the art of macramé knotting then this skill will help you put together your Shamballa bracelet. Have a look at our macramé how to books and our selection of tools and accessories including a macramé board and T-pins.

The hole size of our Shamballa beads is approximately 1.5 mm. We recommend using 0.6 mm Shamballa cord which is also known as Chinese Knotting Nylon cord. This braided nylon stringing material is resilient and will enable you to thread your designs easily. Choose from a variety of colours including pinks, neons, blues and rainbow..

At The Bead Shop we take our time hand picking the beads we think you will like, taking our cues from the world of fashion, design and customer feedback.