About Metal Beads and Spacer Beads

A spacer bead is usually a type of bead that is used between feature beads or charms in a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet or necklace. They’re usually much more simplistic than feature beads and can help to tone down and neutralise a piece of jewellery that includes some very eye-catching beads or jewels. Some people use spacer beads to draw attention to feature beads.

As spacers are often cheap to buy, they’re often used to keep the cost of making a piece of jewellery down without having to shorten it.

Spacers can often be made out of metal and, providing the jewellery maker selects metal beads which match the findings, they can be used in a harmonious way to create a piece of jewellery which is carefully coordinated.

Metal beads can be teamed perfectly with hematite beads or placed comfortably in a Shamballa bracelet. They can also be paired alongside pearl beads to give them an edgy touch.

Spacer beads aren’t always spherical. By choosing ring shaped beads the gaps in between regular beads can be reduced. Tube shaped spacer beads are also available in a range of platings such as silver, black and gold.

If you want to create a bracelet or piece of jewellery with eye-catching spacer beads, stardust beads may be right for you. Covered in glitter, they can often compliment an already glistening piece of handmade jewellery.