Acrylic Plastic Beads

Acrylic and plastic beads are very easy to work with and there is an extensive range available at The Bead Shop. You can purchase our plastic or acrylic beads as multi coloured bead mixes or as singular beads.

Types Of Plastic Beads And Acrylic Beads

The collection of plastic beads at The Bead Shop is both diverse and plentiful. Browse through some of the following for a clearer picture of what you can choose from:

  • Plastic rose beads in red, purple black and coffee
  • Light reflecting miracle beads create brightness and shine making them unique in the plastic bead range. They can be bought in mixes and come in 10 g to 50 g bags
  • Pony beads are similar to seed beads but larger. They are cylindrical and have large centres for easy threading. Cool pears, glow in the dark, glitter, transparent and opaque mixes are all available from The Bead Shop
  • Round polaris beads can be purchased in aquatic, citrus and red berry hues
  • Lucite flowers and beads offer a subtle and translucent glow and can be purchased as a woodland mix or in colours emerald, green or purple
  • Plastic letter bead mixes come in monochrome, transparent and multi-coloured shades, each with an ample threading hole for easy stringing
  • The Bead Shop’s marble effect bead range includes the Puffed Heart collection which is a series of hearts in cream, baby pink, turquoise, gold and plum. There is also a deep berry marble effect disc bead which pairs well with others in the marble range, for example, an olive or plum from the puffed oval acrylic bead collection
  • Quirky, transparent plastic beads like football and dice themed beads add instant personalisation. Mixes include reds, fuchsias, yellows and purples
  • Chaton effect plastic beads are round faceted, sparkly beads at affordable prices

Working With Acrylic And Plastic Beads

Acrylic and plastic beads are very easy to work with and are often the chosen bead for beginners or young beaders just getting started.

If you would like to learn more about how to start working with beads and making your own designs then have a look through our jewellery making starter kit collections which supplies you with a range of different types of beads including Czech and glass beads.

Waxed cord is a favourite stringing material for use with plastic and acrylic beads. At The Bead Shop we have a spectrum of colours available including pink, lime, aqua and camel. Stretch magic is also a great material to work with and there is a range of different types of nylon stringing materials that work well with plastic beads.